Planning a bar
crawl in Perth?

Hop on a Peddle and make it a night you’ll never remember

Why walk (or Uber) from bar to bar, when you can rock up in your personal chariot? Discover Perth’s best small bars, score cheap drinks, and ride in style on our 2-hour Bar & Cocktail tour.

Laugh and sing your way from bar to bar

Why ride with us on your bar crawl in Perth?

You could do another basic bar crawl. Or you could take it up a notch by hopping on a Peddle.

Non-stop lols

There’s simply something hilarious about riding on a rickshaw. You’re guaranteed to laugh till it hurts.

Great tunes

Let us play banger after banger. Or you can whack on your own playlist and party down to Queen, The Backstreet Boys, Skrillex, or whoever you please.

Legendary Peddlers

Our riders know Perth like the back of their hand (every bar, every alley), and they’re the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Transport, sorted

There’s no need to stress about how you’ll get from bar to bar. We’ll do all the thinking for you — so you can focus on not thinking.

Tailored to you

We’ll adjust our tour to suit your needs. Want to go to a specific bar? Want to make us ride up a giant hill? No worries.

Safe and sustainble

Our rickshaws and riders guarantee you’ll get from A to B in one piece (mostly). Peddles are also far better for the planet than cars.

From AUD

$105.00 / 1 Adult




Perth, WA

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What happens

  • Arrival. You arrive outside the WA Museum Boola Bardip and keep an eye out for an onrushing horde of rickshaw riders.
  • Greetings. We give you a warm welcome and tell you everything you need to know about the tour.
  • Departure. You partner up with someone in your crew and choose your chariot and Peddler for the first leg of the bar crawl. Then we set out towards the first small bar.
  • Ejection. We’re forced to physically drag you from the rickshaw because you’re having too much fun cruising around the city, singing and dancing to the music you love with the people you love.
  • Drinks. You knock back discounted drinks at an area of the bar reserved for your crew.
  • Repeat. We pick you up and head to the second bar.
  • Farewells. Arriving at the third and final bar (in the heart of Perth’s nightlife), we say farewell — for now.
  • Revelry. You have a wicked night out in Perth.

Optional extras

During the booking process, you can spice up your bar tour by choosing where you’d like to go and which drinks you’d like discounted, or by turning your tour into a date night.

Choose your watering hole.

Got a specific bar in mind? Just add it to the booking notes and we’ll sort you out. But it must be said: our passengers usually have more fun when the venues are a surprise! Plus, we can’t guarantee discounts at every custom venue.

Pick your poison.

Are you wild for whisky? Or is gin your poison of choice? Let us know during the booking process, and we’ll get you the discounts to fit.

Date night.

Turn your bar crawl into a date night. Take your lucky companion on a first date they’ll never forget, or rekindle a relationship that’s past its honeymoon phase. Stronger than any love potion, this add-on is romance guaranteed.

Other special events.

If you’re after something else — like a bucks, hens, or staff party — feel free to contact us before booking your bar crawl and we’ll make sure it’s an absolute ball-tearer.

Ready to cut loose at some of Perth’s best small bars?

Book a Bar & Cocktail Tour with us, and take your bar crawl to the next level.

This tour is perfect for:

  • Groups ranging from 2 to 24 (contact us for larger bookings)
  • Random nights out with friends
  • Birthday parties
  • Families wanting to get closer
  • Unforgettable first dates
  • Couples looking to rekindle their love
  • Bucks and hens parties
  • Staff parties
  • Anyone with an adventurous bone in their body

Do you have
more questions?

What's included in the price?
  • A 2-hour rickshaw bar crawl in Perth
  • A badass rickshaw and a personal chauffeur
  • Exclusive drink specials (cocktails for $10-$12; beers and wine for $6-$8)
  • Reserved seating at each bar
  • A rockin’ good time
What do I need to bring?

Money (because drinks aren’t included), clothes, and a positive attitude.

How old do I need to be?

You’ve got to be over 18, and our ideal age range is up to 80. If you’re still going strong past 80, feel free to hop on too!

If you look under 25, please bring your ID.

What bars do you regularly take people to?

Some venues we commonly visit include Picabar, Hadiqa, Tiki as FK, Golden Boy & Jade Girl, HQ at The Quay, CRUSH, Caballitos, Frisk, Planet Royale, and Neon Palms.

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