Don’t leave love up to luck
— book the best date night
in Perth

You never know — they could be The One. So take them on a first date they’ll one day write about in their wedding vows. Or if you’ve already tied the knot, show your better half you’re still full of surprises with a romantic rickshaw ride.

Surprise your date with a three-way

Why choose us as your third wheel?

Yeah, you could go to the movies again.or you could renew the spark with a romantic tour to some of Perth’s most intimate bars.

Intimate bars

Lubricate the conversation with some yummy, discounted drinks and optional roleplaying games at 3 of Perth’s most intimate bars.

Romantic hotspots

We’ll take you to some beautiful street art exhibits, viewpoints, and other landmarks you couldn’t get to by car.

Photos, sorted

We’ll be your personal photographer for the entire tour, so you can sit back, relax, and lose yourself in love.

“OMG, this is our song"

Send us a playlist of your favourite love songs before the tour and we’ll take it from there. Or simply let us handle the music entirely.

Peace and privacy

Our Peddlers are fantastic third wheels. They know when to talk, when to shut up, and when to keep their eyes on the road.

Safe and sustainable

Safety is our #1 concern, so rest easy knowing your date will go off without a hitch. Rickshaws are also far better for the planet than cars.

From AUD

$108.00 / 1 Adult




Perth, WA

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What happens

  • Arrival. You arrive outside the WA Museum Boola Bardip, meet your third wheel, and admire their three-wheeled love machine.
  • Greetings. We give you a warm welcome and tell you everything you need to know about your date night in Perth’s CBD.
  • Departure. We cruise past some gorgeous street art and scenery on the way to the first of Perth’s most intimate bars.
  • Lubrication. You enjoy a delicious drink or two and, if so choose, engage in some roleplay activities to loosen up (these will only be dirty if you make them dirty!).
  • Scenery. On the way to the second bar, we cruise by some of the best viewpoints in Perth, where we’ll take some Gram-worthy photos of you two lovebirds. We’ll check out a few other magical spots between the second and third bars, too.
  • Handover. At the third bar, it’s time for us to sneak away so you and your date can continue the monkey business alone. (Who knows? This might finally be the night you break your dry spell.)

Optional extras

During the booking process, you can spice up your date night by choosing where you’d like to go and which drinks you’d like discounted, or by turning your date into a double date.

Choose your watering hole.

Got a specific bar in mind? Just add it to the booking notes and we’ll sort you out. But it must be said: our passengers usually have more fun when the venues are a surprise! Plus, we can’t guarantee discounts at every custom venue.

Pick your poison.

Are you wild for whisky? Or is gin your poison of choice? Let us know during the booking process, and we’ll get you the discounts to fit.

Double date.

Double dates are a great way to ease the tension of a first date (or add some fun and chaos to your 100th one). Sharing a 4-seater electric-assist rickshaw, we promise you’ll have the best five-way of your life. We were the third wheel, but now we’re the spare tyre!

Show them how much you care

Book the most romantic date night in Perth.

Our Date Night Tour is perfect for:

  • First dates
  • 100th dates
  • Anniversaries
  • Double dates
  • Diehard romantics
  • Anyone who simply cannot bear to leave it to luck any longer

Do you have
more questions?

What's included in the price?
  • A 2-hour rickshaw date night in Perth
  • A comfy rickshaw with built-in speakers
  • A sexy third wheel
  • Exclusive drink specials (cocktails for $10-$12; beers and wine for $6-$8)
  • Reserved seating at each bar
  • Love, baby
What do I need to bring?

Money (because drinks aren’t included), clothes, and a positive attitude.

How old do I need to be?

You’ve got to be over 18, and our ideal age range is up to 80. If you’re still going strong past 80, feel free to hop on too!

If you look under 25, please bring your ID.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We know things happen so we have a very forgiving refund policy.

For any tour booked for less than 8 people, if you give us 24 hours’ notice, we’ll give you a full refund of any booked tour.

For any tour booked for more than 8 people, if you give us 72 hours’ notice, we’ll give you a full refund of any booked tour.

Bookings cancelled within the above periods will not be eligible for a refund unless there are extenuating circumstances. These will be decided on a case-by-case basis by management. 

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