Take your brand for a ride with mobile billboards in Perth

Cut through the noise & demand the attention of your target audience!

  • We Peddle Through Perth’s CBD & Fremantle That Reaches Thousands of People Daily.
  • Affordable & Cost-Effective Solution Compared To Traditional Billboards
  • Customisable Billboards To Suit Your Campaign Needs.
  • Dynamic Advertising That Is Guaranteed To Leave An Impact.
  • Our Riders Will Help Convert On The Go!
  • Get Detailed Reporting On Our Riders Journey With Your Mobile Billboards!

Brands who’ve leveraged mobile billboards
to attract and win business

Why boost awareness with Peddle?

Rickshaws demand attention. Coupled with mobile billboards, your brand will turn heads and create a buzz wherever it goes.


People are bombarded with ads all day, and they’ve grown numb to it. Mobile billboards break the mould and bypass ad fatigue, ensuring you stand out and win business.

Builds brand rep

You don’t want potential customers to think of your brand as stiff and boring. With mobile billboards, you’ll show people your fun, human side. And they’ll love you for it.


Traditional marketing campaigns can be expensive and, worse, ineffective. With mobile billboards, the bang for your buck is off the charts.

Go where your audience is

Traditional billboards unfortunately can’t sprout legs and move to where your target audience is. With us, that’s as easy as peddling.

Ads that talk

Traditional billboards can’t talk either. Our riders can. They’ll answer questions about your brand and help you convert more customers on the fly.

Ready in weeks

Don’t wait months (or years!) to get your marketing strategy off the ground. We’ll have your billboards on the road in a matter of weeks.

Your ad, your way

Hire up to 20 mobile billboards with customisable vinyl wraps, printed at a high resolution so your ad is legible and beautiful.

1000s of impressions

We’ve worked with many successful brands in Perth, making their marketing fresh and fun, and earning them hundreds of thousands of impressions per month.

Safe and sustainable

Safety is our #1 concern. Rickshaws are also environmentally friendly, so working with us is proof that you’re committed to sustainability.

The Mobile Billboard Process


Get in touch with us via our contact form.



We’ll send you templates so your graphic designer can create eye-catching designs to display up to 20 billboards and each of our Peddlers’ shirts.


We’ll get everything printed and installed.

We ride

Our hard-working Peddlers take your billboards on the road, travelling up to 1000 kilometres per month in summer and 300 kilometres in winter. Generating an average of 900 impressions per kilometre, that’s a lot of eyes on your brand!


Your ads get attention, interest, and desire — and people start taking action. Expect results by the very first weekend.


At the end of the mobile billboard campaign, we’ll send you a report detailing important stats like the distance travelled and your estimated impressions.

Get in quick — we’re often booked out 2 months in advance

We’ve revolutionised billboard advertising in Perth, and businesses are catching on to how effective it is. Don’t get stuck in the past.

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Do you have
more questions?

Where can the mobile billboards go?

By default, your billboards will go wherever our Peddlers go throughout Perth’s CBD and Fremantle. However, if you’d like to take them anywhere in WA, you can do that by upgrading to an Event Activation.

Who prints the designs?

We work with Osborne Park Business Centre because they’re masters of their craft.

Who installs the designs?

We install the designs ourselves. As it requires us to take the wheels, breaks, lights, and trims from the bikes, the installation fee is $500.

Do I have to ride the bike?

Nope! Leave that to the trained rickshaw riders.

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